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Website Guidelines

What This Website Is:

This is a place for Christian GeoCachers to come together, chat, hang out, talk about issues concerning them, and discuss matters of Faith. It is also a place of encouragement, a place to ask for prayer, and a place to just have fun, as well as a place for debating matters of interest. It is also a place for social interaction with other GeoCachers who hold similar values to your own.

What This Website Is Not:

While there are many uses and activities possible on this site, there are some that are prohibited. GeoCachers 4 Christ (GC4C) is not a dating service. Asking for help with a relationship, although not recommended, is allowed, but please do not start topics asking for a date or a boyfriend or girlfriend. GC4C is not a political soapbox, and is not to be used as such. GC4C is not a place for illicit or illegal activities, including the promotion or request of illegal software. People of other religions, belief systems, and worldviews are allowed; however, proselytizing, bashing (the Christian) God, bashing Christians, or attacking Christianity (or any of the aspects thereof) is prohibited.


Membership of this fellowship is permanent, unless forfeited by the user, or nullified by the Executive Committee (see below). If you are a member, you are granted the ability to post, read, and create threads in the forums, should you so desire.

Membership is subject to the terms and conditions of the following set of rules.

Rules of Conduct:

1. Respect - All members are expected to behave in a Christ-like manner. All members are to treat others like you would want to be treated. All members are expected to be civil and polite. All members are to respect the Administration Team and the Executive Committee.

2. Debate - All debates must be based on Christian values, and therefore be between Christians only, or be totally nonreligious (i.e. chocolate vs. vanilla). Do not post anything that bashes God, Christians, or fellow members. Remember this is a Christian site, and advertisement of other religions or belief systems is not allowed.

3. Spam - Posts that are irrelevant to the topic, spam, or debates on whether or not Christianity is right/true will be deleted. Spam is not allowed. Other canned meats are ok, however. Ok, that's just a joke. Really, Spam is not allowed. If you don't know what spam is, you are new to the Internet. Spam is the junk mail of the web. Attempting to abuse this site for advertising purposes, or just to mess with our fellowship, is not allowed. Irrelevant posts and one word posts will be deleted. This is spam and will be treated as such. If you wish to post something, please type a message. One word posts (unless found in an appropriate forum game) are subject to deletion.

4. Crude Behaviour - Profanity, including taking God's name in vain, in not allowed. This includes pseudo-swear words. (Gee, darn, heck, etc.) "Clever" ways of getting past word filters is also not allowed. (Substituting "@" for "a", etc.) Name-calling is not allowed in any way, shape, form or language

5. NET Speak - We request you refrain from excessive abbreviation. (r u sure? yes we r.) Also THINGS LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!! are unnecessary and annoying. All caps is the equivalent of shouting online, so please use your inside voice. Occasional "THAT IS SO COOL!" or use for EMPHASIS is ok, but keep it down, people are trying to read.

6. Personal Privacy - We HIGHLY suggest not posting personal info, such as your address or phone number on the main forums for your own safety. The Executive Committee and/or the Administration Team will never ask you to give out that information unless specific reason is given. If you are in doubt as to the authenticity of the request, please forward it to another member of the Executive Committee and ask for verification. WE will never ask you for your password.

7. Screen names - While not required, we prefer you to use the same screen name on GC4C that you use on other caching sites. (,, etc.) However, membership on other sites is not required for membership in GC4C. Of course, in the case of "team names," each member can have his or her own GC4C account. Also, inappropriate screen names in accordance with the above rules and/or as deemed by the Executive Committee are not allowed.

8. Sexuality - All members are expected to not post anything depicting or condoning extra-marital sexual behaviour. Non-Biblical sexual behaviour should not be advertised on a Christian board in any case. Explicit description of sexual behaviour, extra-marital or not, will not be tolerated as there are members under the age of majority in this forum. These posts will be deleted immediately and a formal warning will be issued. Special Consideration, on a case-by-case basis, for posts in the Prayer Requests section will be conducted by the Executive Committee to ensure that legitimate prayer requests are posted and circumvention of the rules has not been attempted.

9. Final Say- all members are expected to obey any and all forum related directives given by the Executive Committee and Administration Team. (In other words, if they tell you to stop doing something, then stop!) Actions taken by Executive Committee or Administration Team should not be discussed publicly in the forums (this includes discussing and bashing the rules when they have already been made perfectly clear). If you have a problem, or question regarding any topic or post that has been edited, deleted, or altered, simply PM a member of the Executive Committee and we will determine what has happened and sort it out appropriately. The Executive Committee reserve the right to revoke your membership and posting privileges at any time, for any reason, and without explanation, however we will generally give you a logical and realistic reason for doing so, and you will likely be able to figure out why it has happened yourself if you review your actions against this set of rules.

Forfeiture of Membership:

Your membership will be forfeited and your IP banned under the following circumstances:

a. Inappropriate conduct or behaviour as defined in these rules or as determined by a consensus of the Executive Committee;

b. violation of one or more rules on an ongoing or continuous basis;

c. Intentional trouble-making, or disruption of the peace that does not stop upon request of the Executive Committee or Moderators; and/or

d. The posting of any material that is deemed defamatory, untrue, or derogatory, by the Executive Committee and is determined to have been posted with the intent of causing harm to the GC4C Fellowship and/or its membership.

Note: If you are unsure of whether a post is acceptable or not contact the Executive Committee before posting.

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