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March - April 2009 Update

I'm very excited about where GC4C is going. We are just a couple of months shy of our 2nd anniversary and our first events - and on a world wide scope, to boot. We are currently at 181 members and I would be surprised if we were not at 200 by our anniversary.

I hope you will take a look at our thread on GC4C World Wide Events on 30 May 2009. I think this will be an awesome opportunity to get together with other GC4C members, spread the word about our group, and give something back to the local caching communities.

Since the first of the year, we've been holding two Bible Studies per week. We've been seeing a little drop of in participation, but we are looking into varies ways of increasing participation. As of April 2, we'll be starting a new study on Wednesdays - The Seven Marks of Discipleship.

Though slightly delayed, we are also about to relaunch our Study Habits Development Program.

I hope you'll investigate these opportunities to expand and strengthen your time in the Word.

Dave / DudleyGrunt

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Our aim is to provide content that encourages and enhances opportunities for fellowship and ministry amongst Christians of all backgrounds.

It is our intent to use the website and forums to provide support to individual members as they strive to fulfill the Great Commission themselves.

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